US seeks forming international coalition against ISIL – Al-Tahrir News Network


The United States is intensifying its efforts to organise an international campaign against the Islamic State (formerly ISIL) that includes recruiting partners to expand assault on the terrorist group , a US administration official said on Wednesday.

US officials said that Britain and Australia were potential candidates to join the US in an air campaign, in addition to support from Turkey, whose military bases could be useful in any operation in Syria.

Germany, on the other hand, said on Wednesday that while it was holding talks with the US and other international partners concerning a possible military action against ISIL, it confirmed that it would not participate.

“We are working with our partners and asking how they might be able to contribute. There are a range of ways to contribute: humanitarian, military, intelligence, diplomatic,” US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters.

President Barack Obama authorised reconnaissance flights over Syria. The flights are considered a significant step towards intensifying American military action in Syria. However, a grave concern for the White House is targeting Sunni militants without aiding pro-Assad military forces.

US President Barack Obama pledged to punish the Islamic State and avenge the brutal killing of the American journalist James Foley.

“Rooting out a cancer like ISIL won’t be easy and won’t be quick,” he said.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the United Nations categorically denounced both the Syrian government and insurgent groups, mainly ISIL, stating clearly that both are committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.