Victoria Beckham opens her first-ever store in London – Al-Tahrir News Network


The one-time Spice Girl and now fashion designer, Victoria Beckham has opened her first-ever boutique in one of the coolest streets in London.

She has launched her first store in Dover Street in London, and invitied the media to see the interior before the public get to see it.

The 6,000 square foot boutique is more luxurious than expected.

A three-floor modern and minimalist building, covering a monumental space with a diagonal-grid ceiling, glass panels, empty floors with just a bench to sit on and plain windows.

From the ground and more affordable floor, it all starts with a row of colourful handbags,  purses, keyrings, sunglasses on a tower of shelves and, of course, the stylish collection of the designer.

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According to the Mirror, Victoria revealed that the store is intended to reflect her personal “vision” and to create a “beautiful” but functional space, using iPads to complete transactions instead of “ugly” tills.

“For the first time, it’s my design, my vision. This is how I feel the clothes should be showcased, how I like them to be seen,” she stated.

When you climb the stairs to the second and third floor, you will feel the warmness, calm and grandeur that Victoria aimed to deliver.

The ready-to-wear collection welcomes the lucky customers.