Videogame museum to open in UK


The National Videogame Arcade, the world’s first cultural center for gaming, will open in Nottingham next year.

If you are a video games aficionado, you better schedule in the March 2015 opening date of the £2.5m centre which will display a permanent collection of entertainment technology currently held at the National Science Museum.

Aiming to be the gaming equivalent of the National Gallery, the museum will be set over five floors and will include themed exhibitions, educational programs and specially commissioned works providing first-hand experience of game making.

Details about the new project were announced at the GameCity festival which was held this week in Nottingham, a location chosen as the national house of gaming as it hosts the UK’s annual gaming festival.

National Videogame Arcade: A set of prototype controllers for the game Rock Band to be displayed at the center (photo: forevervogue)

A temporary exhibition during the 2014 GameCity Festival (Photo by Samuel Kirby-Vice)

GameCity adviser Ian Livingstone said:  “For the millions of people who love them, it’s only natural that videogames should have their own permanent, cultural home – just as fine art enjoys the National Gallery, performance has the National Theatre, and film and music have many permanent spaces that celebrate them”, The Independent reads.

Iain Simons, director at GameCity, stated: “It’s important to us to attract an audience of people who don’t consider themselves gamers – parents in particular. Parents will be able to understand what their kids are doing, and that it’s not necessarily going to turn them into sociopaths”.

The museum’s exhibitions will celebrate gaming history from its earliest days in the 1970s.

The video games’ new “permanent cultural home” aims to attract and involve fans, curious people and parents with the understanding and appreciation of games and to serve as a showcase to promote the social and educational benefits of gaming.