Violin Museum enchants Italy


The Museo del Violino (Violin Museum) will musically enchant the Italian city of Cremona with the Stradivari Festival, from 14 September to 12 October.

The birthplace of Antonio Stradivari, the greatest luthier and violin maker, and the world capital of traditional craftsmanship, will bring together famous international musicians at the Museo del Violino. Throughout a schedule consisting of 16 concerts, over 60 prominent musicians will perform in a wide range of music styles, such as classical, tango, jazz and fusion.

To celebrate the museum’s first birthday, the performers will captivate the music-making city of Cremona with the excellent sound of their Stradivari string instruments, opening the festival with Pavel Vernikok and the Trio Tchaikovsky.

The event will combine music and art, tracing the recent history of Italian violin making at the Museo del Violino with three exhibitions that include: “Cremona 1937”, “Italian Violin Makers of the 21st century” and “Homage to Four Maestros”.

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An exhibition will display instruments, from the historic, to more recent examples of craftsmanship. During this 17 day event, activities, discussions, the virtuosity of the musicians and the excellence of their string instruments will honour the greatest violin maker in history.