Voting for Egyptian expats begins on Thursday


Voting ballots are being sent to Egypt’s embassies in preparation for Egyptian expatriates voting which will start on Thursday.

The Foreign Ministry announced today that it will begin sending the voting ballots to its embassies around the world. This comes in preparation for the start of the voting process for Egyptian expatriates that will kick off on Thursday for four days.

A source at the ministry announced that for the first time the ballot will include a picture of the candidates, in addition to their name and electoral symbol.

Ambassador Ali Al-Esheiry, assistant to the foreign minister, stated last week that an operation room will be established before the voting abroad begins and until the vote counting process is finished, to follow-up on the presidential election process.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry announced that it will start issuing visas for the foreign observers who were accredited by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) to oversee the upcoming elections. The observers are part of a delegation from the European Union and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

A delegation of election observers, headed by Portuguese member of European Parliament Mario David, is set to arrive in Egypt to observe the upcoming presidential elections. The delegation will include 150 observers from all EU countries, in addition to Canada and Norway, most of whom will arrive just in time for the elections.

This will be the first EU delegation of observers to be sent to Egypt. The mission’s objectives include monitoring conformity to regional and international standards, the performance of the election administration, campaign activities, conduct of the media, voting and counting, the appeal process, and the announcement of the results, among other aspects of the electoral process.

Overseas voting for Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections will be held from 15-18 May.